BalikbayanBox Order Process

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Ship transport from Finland to Philippines and any other country.

Box Size 74x54x54


Balik Bayan Box Service around Finland, Mariehamn, Tallin Estonia, Sweden, Vietnam and France.

Who we are

Scanphil oy is a full service of Balik Bayan Box from Finland to Philippines. Our aim is to give the best to our various Filipino country man at affordable price. At Scanphil Oy, we are unceasingly progressing and making research continuously and improving our service to the highest standards. Our client’s interest our priority.We are mindful of building a healthy relationship with our customers, our goal is co-operation,teamwork to achieving a grand successful shipment at all time.

  • Deliver Environmentally

  • Responsible Client Services

  • Attractive Working Environment

  • Be an Active Community Partner

  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Drive Continuous Improvement

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    Scanphil Oy Ltd.
    Maatullinkuja 6 B 11
    00750 Helsinki



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