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with your use of our site. You may opt out of some of these communications at any time. Just email us at or call +358405528227 or +358401464634 and inform us. 


See our Privacy Policy regarding how we handle your personal information and protect your private data when you enter your information on our site. COMPANY PROTECTION 

SCANPHIL reserves the right not to service customers with negative prior history due to lack of payment, threatening behavior in either verbal, physical or in any negative behavior made on social media. If SCANPHIL chooses to service customers with above written issues. They reserve the right to ask for full payment for services before any transactions are made between the customer and SCANPHIL 


All prices listed on our website are our promotional prices. These prices only apply if boxes are sent within 1 year of ordering and receiving a empty boxes. Boxes sent after 1 year of receiving will be charged the normal fare. 


There is a deposit of 20€ per box for Finland and France upon delivery of your empty box. The amount will be deducted from the final balance upon pick up again EXCLUDING PREGNANT FEE, special pick up, late pick up etc. Box deposits are forfeited after 1 year, if boxes are not sent within the 1 year validity of sending with promo prices.  


Choosing our “OPEN BOOKING” option gives you 1 year from the date ordered to send your box with our promo price. After the year 1 year, the deposit will be voided and payment of your box will not have your past deposit deducted from the final balance. 



Consumable goods that is pack in the box must be the expiration is not less than 1 year, liquid and breakable item is your own RISK  NOTE : Our sea cargo schedule for departure and arrival is on time but for some reason there is possibilities to be delay. If you want to follow up the status of delivery for your box must be in our forwarder in Manila LCSN EXPRESS MOVERS INC, contact is in there website at , For security purposes the box that is delivered to the receiver must be well check upon signing the delivery receipt. You can contact SCANPHIL immediately if your box is un-delivered

Bulky / Pregnant Box 

Boxes were flaps don’t meet in the middle will be considered as being a pregnant box. Boxes that has lost it’s original shape will also be considered as a bulky or pregnant box. There is a extra charge of 100€ upon pick-up of bulky boxes. SCANPHIL have the right, not to accept bulky & pregnant boxes for transport if it is decided. 

Our shipment might be full sometimes, if your Balik Bayan Box shipment batch assign to you is full, it might be offloaded and assign to next batch and publish your box number in our website.

Thank You